Research Knowledge and Competencies

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Research Knowledge and Competencies


For this section there are four entries: the original contribution documents and the conference presentation both address research issues that are specific to Atlantic Canada. The latter, in particular, represents a paper specifically concerned with interrogating my own methodological approaches through a social justice lens. Beyond these repeated yet relevant elements are two new artifacts that speak to research competence and critical analysis of current research and methodological issues in a different way.


 The first is a draft methodological chapter (Bricolage & Metissage - A Remix Methodology), initially written for EDUC 8053 Advanced Research Seminar: Focus on Methods. It is a deep dive into the diverse methodologies that I am bringing together in my research, fusing critical pedagogy and Hip Hop Based Education. This paper took what I had learned about qualitative research in EDUC 8043 Focused Educational Studies and applied it to my own research arc, allowing me to contemplate the methodological options available to me and negotiate which would be ideal for the kind of research that I want to do in the future. The focus on the concepts of bricolage and metissage reflects the remix philosophy that will inform my dissertation research.   


The second artifact is an annotated bibliography (not the same as the previously included annotated bibliography) examining broad issues in research on student engagement (Preliminary Report on Student Engagement) that was prepared for Dr. Valda Leighteizer in the Fall of 2017. While it was outside of my usual research interests, the project gave me the opportunity to look at a particular issue—student engagement—and consider the methodological variables involved in starting a study. In stepping away from my own field for this, I was able to consider methodological issues without the spectre of my own work clouding my assessments.


These artifacts are important contributions to the portfolio because they specifically address methodological and research concerns. Left to my own devices, I am inclined to dwell in the realm of theory, even as I know that methods and methodology are where the rubber of critical pedagogy meets the proverbial road. True social change doesn’t usually come from lofty ideas by themselves, it comes from concrete figures and tangible evidence that can convince people. Hip Hop Based Education, in a place as relatively remote as Nova Scotia, is not an easy sell. Developing a practical methodological skill set is a crucial aspect of what I want to do, as there will be many who will need to see the numbers when the novelty wears off.  

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Each artifact was written, designed, and/or produced entirely by Michael McGuire with the exception of embedded video content in presentations which are duly cited.


Students will demonstrate research competence and critical analysis of current research and methodological issues. While specific artifacts will be determined in consultation with the Supervisory Committee, examples of items in this area might include:

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B  Scholarly article on methodological issue


Bricolage & Metissage - A Remix Methodology​

E  Annotated bibliography related to issues in research

Preliminary Report on Student Engagement

F  Evidence of original/creative contribution to research in the field

original/creative contribution to research in the field


Lessons from the East: Five Considerations for Culturally Responsible Song Collecting