Production Credits

Hermitofthewoods, Remix + Praxis (cass/CD), performer, producer, 2022

Endemik Remote Ensemble, They Fired With Their Lives (digi), producer, 2022


bRavenous, Ghosts of Rockingham (CD), performer, 2022


Hermitofthewoods & Deadly Stare, Saskatoon Folk Rap Records Fall Sampler (CD) producer, 2021


bRavenous, Flaunting Imperfections (CD), performer, 2021

Higher State, Second Wave (digi), performer, producer, 2020

bRavenous, Classic Material Remix (CD), performer, 2020

Lorillard Snuff, Lorillard Snuff (CD), performer, engineer, 2020


Hermitofthewoods, The Proposal EP (digi), performer, producer, 2019

Essay Read, Carthaginian, performer, 2019


Walk In The Park (webseries), score/soundtrack, 2018


Higher State, Welcome/Ghosts (7” vinyl), performer, graphic design, 2017


Higher State, Higher State (cass/digi), performer 2017


Arrhythmia, Arrythmia (cass/digi), performer, 2016


Movements, Through The Air, Across The Ocean (cass/LP), performer, 2014


Hermitofthewoods, Protogenesis (digi), performer, graphic design, 2014

Nolely Nole, Trap Despot (digi), engineer, graphic design, 2013

Hermitofthewoods, Land of the Lotus Eaters (CD/LP), performer, engineer, 2013


Bridgeway Academy (television commercial), Musical score, 2011


Flip Scripture, Dopamine (CD), engineer, 2011


Michael Kimber, The Cure (video)  Musical score, 2011


Halifax Slam Team 2011 Sampler (CD)  Engineer, performer,  mixing, 2011


Noley Nole, Pretty Young Thang (digi), mixing, 2011


Shevy Price, 18yrs6mos (CD), engineer, mixing, 2011


Native Son, The Prelude (CD)  Producer, engineer, mixing, 2010


Halifax Slam Team 2010 Sampler (CD)  engineer, mixing, 2010


Shevy Price, Music Is What Feelings Sound Like (CD), engineer, mixing, 2010


Three Sheet, In Circulation (CD)  Performer, mixing, 2010


Various Artists, Looking For That Special Someone (CD – Japan Only)  Perfromer , 2009


Halifax Slam Team 2009 Sampler (dropcard)  Engineer, performer, mixing, 2009


El Jones,  El Jones (CD)  Engineer, mixing, 2009


iZrEAL, The Street Preacher vol. 2 (CD),  Engineer, mixing, 2009


Vanessa Furlong & the Gang, Pretty Much Amazing (CD) Performer, 2009


Hermitofthewoods, Love’s Dark Season (CD)  Producer, performer, engineer, 2009


Halifax Slam Team 2008 Sampler (CD)  Engineer, mixing, 2008


Vanessa Furlong, Vanessa Furlong (CD)  Producer, performer, mixing, 2008


IMF, 2008 Tour Sampler (CD)  Producer, performer, mixing, mastering, 2008


Michael Kimber, Last Night (CD)  Engineer, mixing, mastering, 2008


EMC, To Whom It May Concern (CD)  Performer, engineer, 2007


Hermitofthewoods , The Woods are Burning (CD)  Producer, performer, engineer, 2007


Howit Iz, Candor Loquacious (CD)  Performer, 2006