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Instructional Design

As an Instructional Developer in the Teaching and Learning Centre at Mount Saint Vincent University, I work with faculty to develop humanities courses for online delivery. In this role I also prepare faculty resources, design and deliver professional development seminars, and research antiracist, culturally relevant, and culturally responsive pedagogy.

Developed Courses

COMM 2016 Audio Visual Communications
COMM 2025 Introduction to Social Media

Cultural Studies:
CULS 2202 Music and Culture

ECON 1101 Intro to Microeconomics
ECON 1102 Intro to Macroeconomics

ENGL 1170 Intro to Literature: Literary Genres
ENGL 1171 Intro to Literature: Literary Transformations
ENGL 2223 History of the Book
ENGL 2242 Themes in Women’s Writing
WRIT 2220 Writing to Influence: Intro to Rhetorical Persuasion
ENGL 2270 Classical Traditions

FREN 1101 Basic Practical French I
FREN 1102 Basic Practical French II

FREN 2201 Practical French I

FREN 2202 Practical French

Family Studies and Gerontology:

FSGN 2212 Perspectives on Parent-Child Relations 
FSGN 2312 Resilient Families

FSGN 3314 Family Violence

HIST 1121 Canoes and Colonialism: A History of Canada
HIST 1131 World History: Early Civilizations

Graduate Family Studies and Gerontology:
GFSG 6633 Social Policies for Family and Aging

Graduate Public Relations:
GPRL 6302 Strategic Management

Public Relations:
PBRL 2012 PR Writing: Theory and Practice
PBRL 2013 Communication: Theory and Practice
PBRL 3012 Persuasive PR Writing

PSYC 1110 Intro to Psych as a Natural Science
PSYC 120 Intro to Psych as a Social Science
PSYC 2209 Research Methods in Psychology
PSYC 2215 Cognitive Psychology

Religious Studies:
RELS 2203 Love

SOAN 2500 Introduction to Social Theory

SOAN 2531 Making A Living
SOAN 3501 Social Theory and Issues

Women’s Studies:
WOMS 2231 Women and Culture

WOMS 3311 History of Feminist Thought


Using Nearpod
Academic Integrity
Stress Reduction for Faculty and
Troubleshooting in Collaborate
Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
Open Educational Resources
Anti-Racist Pedagogy
The Voice and Pedagogy
Assessment and Grading in Moodle
Facilitating Inclusive Classrooms
Checking-In with Students
Soliciting Student Feedback
Hip Hop Pedagogy in Higher Ed.
Teaching Strategies for Collaborate
Working in Groups Online
Troubleshooting the Online Classroom
Overcoming Learning Bottlenecks
Culturally Responsive Teaching

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