Ph. D. in Educational Studies (2022)
Mount Saint Vincent University
Dissertation: Remix + Praxis - A Rapademic Approach to Critical and Culturally Relevant Education
Fields of study: Curriculum development, hip hop pedagogy, critical pedagogy, Culturally Relevant/Responsive Pedagogies, antiracist education, autoethnography, songwriting


Master of Arts in History (2011)
Dalhousie University
Thesis: How The East Coast Rocks: A History of Hip Hop in Halifax, NS, 1985-1998
Fields of study: Atlantic Canadian hip hop, hip hop history and culture, social history, material history


Bachelor of Arts (2007)
Mount Saint Vincent University
Advanced major in History. Minor in Peace and Conflict Studies.


Diploma (2000)
Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology
Audio engineering

Educational Philosophy

Critical Pedagogy


As an educator, my pedagogical approach is deeply rooted in a form of critical pedagogy developed by Paulo Freire (and expanded upon by Henry Giroux, Joe Kincheloe, and Peter McLaren, among others) that seeks to help learners situate themselves, and their educational goals, in an intersectional social, cultural, and political context. I believe that, regardless of the content, education must connect with individual learners to produce rich, liberatory experiences. 


In addition to this critical foundation, my educational philosophy is multi-disciplinary and draws from Culturally Relevant and Responsive pedagogies (Gloria Ladson-Billings and Geneva Gay), Critical Theory, Hip Hop studies (Tricia Rose, Murray Foreman, Michael Eric Dyson, Joseph Schloss, and many more), and Hip Hop pedagogy (Christopher Emdin, Mark Lamont Hill, Emery Petchauer, Joseph Seidel, and many, many more). I believe that these approaches to education have a great deal in common and are mutually supporting concepts that are well-suited to supporting diverse learners.

Hip Hop Pedagogy

As a hip hop practitioner (MC, producer) with two decades of experience, the culture of hip hop is a major influence on my educational philosophy. While that sometimes leads to teaching hip hop as a technical artform, discussing its history and aesthetics, or using hip hop as an analytical lens in another field, I am primarily concerned with principles and philosophies that inform the culture of hip hop (remixing, taking space, conflict resolution, counter-narrative, sampling, etc.) and how they can be adapted to educational practices that support the goals of critical pedagogy.

Research Interests

Critical pedagogy, Hip Hop pedagogy, curriculum design, antiracist education, Culturally Relevant/Responsive Pedagogy, arts-based education, ed. tech, the history of Western music, Popular Music Studies, Atlantic Canadian hip hop, hip hop music and culture, grassroots hip hop communities, underground hip hop, Country, Folk, and Americana, Jazz, Funk, music production, sampling and remixing, the Culture Industry, ergodic literature, critical theory, Cultural Studies, 20th century North American cultural and political history, peace and conflict studies, contemporary history, material history, historiography and lots more, but these are the main ones. 


Aboard Peace Boat's 98th Global Voyage, 2018